Caleb / March 15, 2023

Managed DNS – Definition

Managed DNS is a super convenient service offered by DNS providers that gives you full control over your Domain Name System (DNS). You can easily set up and configure DNS records for your domain name, like mail servers, web hosting, and other crucial services. Plus, with Managed DNS, you get advanced features like DDoS attack protection and DNS Failover options. So, if your website experiences any issues, you can quickly adjust your configurations and get back on track. Discover more interesting information about Managed DNS services!

Caleb / March 14, 2023

DNS resolution – What does it mean?

You are typing in a website address and being instantly transported to your desired destination. It seems like magic, right? Well, it’s actually a fascinating process called DNS resolution. Whenever you type in a domain name, a complex series of steps is set in motion to obtain the website’s IP address. Most of us are unaware of these steps, but they’re essential for seamless communication between humans and machines. In short, DNS resolution makes it effortless for us to interact with the online world. Discover more interesting details about the DNS resolution process!

Caleb / March 13, 2023

DNS terms briefly described

Expanding your knowledge of DNS terms can enhance your understanding of underlying processes. It is crucial to establish a solid foundation for the fundamental Domain Name System (DNS) elements. While you may recognize a few from other contexts, the domain name and DNS employ many unique terms that are not widely utilized in other areas of computing. Find out more information about the key DNS terms!